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Moulded Seating

For those requiring a specific and precise postural control the Relief Orthotics Moulded Seat Insert will provide this. It is manufactured from strong durable plastic and shaped to a mould created to meet the exact clinical requirements of that person.

As it is a custom made device the Relief Orthotics Moulded Seat Insert can be fitted to most wheelchairs.

Foam Carve

This type of seating is at the front end of technology in wheelchair seating and is normally prescribed for clients that require greater levels of pressure relief.

The exact profile of the client is carved from varying densities of foam blocks using a seven axis robotic arm
To complete the process the carved foam block is moulded into a plastic shell, a washable cover and straps fitted as appropriate and then interfaced to the appropriate wheelchair as necessary.


Anatomic Sitt - Delphi Pro (Dynamic Seating)

Smoother upper limb movements during extensor thrusts, Increase range of motion at hips. Limit pelvis sliding forward, Reduce extensor thrust and reduce spasticity.

The seat can be fitted to almost any wheelchair or buggy.

Adjustable pre-ischial bar and adjustable leg supports enable symmetrical and asymmetrical anatomical shaping of the seat in order to provide excellent pressure distribution and support for stable positioning and comfort


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