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Complete CAD-CAM Solution

There are 3 simple stages to creating the model for production of your orthosis/prosthesis. You do not need to make a large investment until you are satisfied it is right for your organisation, you can take small steps.

Stage 1

You can start creating a model for certain devices from either sizing matrix, using free Captevia on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or with Structure Sensor which is a cost effective method of scanning with your iPad before making a larger investment.

Stage 2

Rodin4D rectifications software is available with several options. There is straight purchase, single licence rental and multi licence rental packages or you can initially have your rectifications carried out by one of our technicians and approved through an online session.

Stage 3

The rectified image is then passed for carving. If you do not wish to purchase your own milling machine, we are happy to provide the milled model for your own manufacture or our highly skilled technicians can make your orthosis.

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