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Depending on the application and the levels of accuracy required there are several options to acquire the digital image. Below are the options we can offer

Rodinscan (Class1 Laser Scanner)

This is we believe the best option for all round scanning. This scanner is easy to use and perfect for scanning any part of the body with unsurpassed levels of accuracy and as it constantly communicates with a small reference attached to the patient compensating for any slight movement is ideal for scanning AFO’s, KAFO’s. Spinal, Cranial, Neck, Shoulder and Arm. Supplied with Rodinscan software, required for image capture

M4D Scan

The M4D is extremely portable and can be done by anyone in any environment safely. This scanner offers optimal precision for every body part and also tolerates slight movements from the patient. You are assured of consistent results regardless of who performs the scan and in what conditions. The intuitive and user-friendly interface as well as the real time display of the scan makes scanning accessible to everyone. The M4D is supplied with the software to acquire and post process the image. Download the Brochure


An application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, free ‘App’ available from the Apple Store. Captevia is designed to simplify taking measurements by taking a sequence of photographs It has user-friendly interface that uses your powerful iPhone or iPad and their sensors to provide optimal photographic images of your patients. These can then be exported to our RODIN4D CAD/CAM software using the “Import CAPTEVIA©” option where your patient’s contours are detected and measurements are adapted to a 3D library form. If you already have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, why not give it a try? Download the Brochure

Structure Sensor (The first 3D sensor for mobile devices)

With Structure Sensor mounted on an iPad, iPad mini retina, this 3D (class1 laser) sensor turns your tablet into a powerful 3D scanner to scan your patients and is the first device of its kind to be used in orthopaedics. It is a light, compact tool and when combined with an iPad the entire assembly weighs less than 450 grams allowing you to quickly scan your patients when you’re on the move, it . Structure Sensor uses the latest version of Captevia (Version 3.3 free from the Apple Store) which has been optimised for this product. Download the Brochure